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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Boucherle Pick: IronYun USA Video Intelligence

Cyber-attacks and ransomware are on the rise. With many workers away from the corporate security environment, are your customers at risk? Do you have a responsive or active hunting approach for threats? IronYun USA’s Vaidio Video Intelligence Platform offers high performance capabilities for video analytics for existing IP camera installations as well as access control monitoring and real-time alerts. With a proven record based on tens of thousands of cameras on a global scale, faster and more accurate with fewer false alarms, this advanced solution could be of high value to select clientele. It plays well with third-party VMS platforms to add stronger analytics for health screening and security applications. Having a large library of AI machine deep learning education expands recognition of vehicles, intrusion detection and even LPR performance. This one’s worth a look for higher performance applications.

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