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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Boucherle Pick: Magos Systems Perimeter Protection

Magos Systems’ SR-500 is a radar-based product that ignores typical environmental limitations like lighting, weather and nuisance false alarms encountered with perimeter security solutions. The SR-500 is practical, operationally efficient and brings value to long-range perimeter detection that integrates well with many leading VMS providers. Utilizing advanced MIMO and digital beams, a single unit can cover about 61 acres, detect humans at 500 yards, vehicles (cars and boats) at 600 yards, sips low power at 3.5W and has a small form factor.

Married with a strong pan/tilt/zoom camera and VMS integrations, you have a simpler, better and less expensive perimeter security solution that is less cluttered but more effective. For end users, fewer cameras, detection devices and installation costs result in a stronger ROI in security investments. From an integrator’s perspective, upgrading large-scale, complex perimeter security solutions just got easier and more profitable.

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