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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: AtlasIED PoE+ Indoor IP Speaker

AtlasIED’s IPX Series of IP endpoints provide opportunities to expand your footprint of emergency mass communications visually and audibly at campuses and businesses. It offers the unique design feature of adjusting for ambient auditory noise levels to provide greater notification and awareness for your customers’ people regardless of their physical challenges. The product can be used inside or outside where better coverage of emergency notifications makes the difference in critical weather and workplace events. By combining LCDs, flashers and speakers, alerts from IP endpoints can be seen and heard even in areas with high levels of ambient noise and poor sight lines.

Not limited to critical events, these units can be utilized for day-to-day information duties to keep students and associates informed. Being easily integrated to existing VoIP and networks, enjoy PBX networks with upgrade costs significantly less along with reduced cabling requirements. Highly scalable, this simple yet effective solution can provide better coverage for more areas, sporting events, that have ambient noise and lighting challenges. Atlas has been a very solid provider over the decades.

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