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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: D-Tools Project Management Software

D-Tools System Integrator provides a comprehensive end-to-end business operations ERP software solution that charts sales and streamlines project workflow for security integrators. This space is crowded with solutions. Making a decision should be based on your teams’ collective departmental needs, so do some basic homework. However, if you have not yet made that decision or investment, dig a little deeper on your long-term goals.

Innovations in this software’s development include: tracking timesheets for billing efficiency has been improved, including payroll accuracy project cost tracking of budgeted and variable impacts; early detection is kind of important to project profitability and holes in your project management processes; Gannt charts are important to you and your customers, weekly reviews identify early issues whether it is supply chain, project management or site conditions. Know the difference early to stay profitable. D-Tools has continued to invest in this software platform with incremental improvements based on customer feed-back.

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