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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: Sentry Interactive Visitor Management

Sentry by Sentry Interactive takes access control, lobby information management and facility management messaging to new levels of integrated subsets of security solutions. Visually stunning and architecturally pleasing, this hardware/software solution integrates with virtually all EAC systems, provides touchless interaction, and has NFC to enable smartphone interaction for fast and reliable secure door entry. Providing smart visitor management with digital credentials makes manned security lobbies more efficient and focused on security and not administrative tasks, automating visitor passes.

Ever arrive at a large facility and become immediately disorientated about what to do and where to go? I certainly have. Tracking door unlock trends enable insight into facility traffic patterns. One of the most beneficial features is internal and external messaging to inform, direct and provide an effective communication addition to any corporate or campus environment. Having real-time, virtual communication that is approachable and easy to use is a great way to manage facility traffic flows, especially during special events and emergency situations where lives can be saved.

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