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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Dolph Pick: Echodyne Longer-Range 4D Radar

Long-range radar detection has always had a special need in security. However, many have had price and performance issues. The EchoShield system from experienced Echodyne will hopefully change that. A pulse-Doppler cognitive 4D radar, EchoShield combines ultra-precise electronically scanned array (ESA) beamforming and real-time dynamic waveform synthesis to deliver sub-degree tracking accuracy on hundreds of objects across a broad 3D field of view.

EchoShield’s cognitive search capabilities integrate onboard or offboard data stores to adapt and direct radar resources when and where required in order to deliver the right data and detail at the right time. Whether using the radar’s significant onboard processing capabilities or ingesting data-rich range-doppler spectrograms into offboard compute, EchoShield’s SDK enables deep integration and multisensor fusion. The radar’s architecture builds upon the field-proven success of Echodyne’s proprietary meta-materials electronically scanned array radars that are in use across a wide range of applications.

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