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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Dolph Pick: SiteOwl Security Lifecycle Management

Why not use security management technology to help make your work easier and more professional? The people at SiteOwl seem to have read your mind with a solution that bridges the gap between the office and the field by bringing all aspects of design, installation and service under one roof. Salespeople can digitally capture and share site survey and design information. They also have complete visibility of ongoing work. For project managers, all project information is readily available from the start. Subcontractor work is easy to track and report, fieldwork is accurately tracked in real-time, multisite and large projects are effectively managed.

For installation techs, installation instructions are digital, clear and accessible anywhere. Techs know exactly what is complete and what is pending, job reporting is digitally submitted and quickly completed. For service managers, the purpose-built platform makes service contracts easier to win and support. Device-level and location info is stored and managed in one place. For service techs, know the exact location of every failed device. All necessary info is available before leaving the office.

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