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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: Elistair Tethered Drones

ElistairAir’s Orion-2 tethered drones were developed for the military for rapid deployed situational awareness of real-time perimeter threats for faster defensive reaction times to save lives. Built to military specs ensures a high-quality product and long life of service under challenging conditions. Drone technologies have blossomed for the commercial market for improved perimeter security based on impending threats. The advantage of this solution is it’s tethered for power and longer “time on station.”

Well equipped with video and IR cameras, it can provide improved performance during inclement weather conditions and easily tie into existing systems. It is also flexible and can be camera hardware agnostic, allowing you to select video that meets your needs. Most importantly, it does not require pilot certifications that are emerging from the FAA, allowing more deployments without the costs of certifications. It’s a portably deployed system with two Pelican cases, so it can quickly be redeployed to address emerging threats. Battle tested in the worst possible conditions makes this a must-have for forward-thinking security professionals.

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