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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: IPVideo Smart Sensor

IPVideo’s HALO 3C boasts new security, emergency communication and environmental monitoring features that provide users with even greater levels of security and easier installation. HALO 3C can now deliver a panic button, two-way audio communications, indoor health index, emergency escape and alert lighting, motion detection, and options that include, people counting and customized sensors such as ozone and sulfur dioxide. These innovative solutions continue to add additional value above and beyond existing security features like gunshot detection, noise alerts and emergency key word alerting.

The product also provides both a real-time air quality and health index and sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. In conjunction with HALO Cloud, the sensor delivers critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment. Also includes option to add customized environmental sensors such as ozone or sulfur dioxide. The emergency escape and alert lighting that provides color-coded safe exit paths is practical and innovative.

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