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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: LifeSafety Power Managed Solution

LifeSafety Power’s SD16 is a must-have for your complex power design puzzle. If you design for low cost without considering local power grid or facility realities, well you will be getting service calls and unprofitable truck roll events along with unhappy customers. Don’t assume you will have well-conditioned power; assume you will not. Be sure or be sorry, your choice. LSP has always innovated to provide unified and well-conditioned power to low-voltage security applications for security reputation.

If your system designs take that expansion beyond your initial design, you will have a headache. So always design for 50% growth; as a security consultant, you should as well! As the country transitions to “greener” energy our power grids have experienced “rolling brown outs.” Being able to remotely manage the power, IP video camera resets, provide “heartbeat” health of component proactively to clients, or more importantly, deliver proactive service response and generate RMR. An easy specifying choice in my opinion; maximize uptime and ROI for customers.

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