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Raise Your Game With SSI’s Most Valuable Security Products of 2019

Miscellaneous Security Products Runners-Up: Unexpected Activity Alerts – Face Recognition’s face recognition technology proactively alerts owners to unauthorized user code sharing at their home or business. AI securely analyzes images captured by a panel’s camera, learns to recognize authorized users after a quick setup, then flags nonmatches with an unexpected activity alert and image of the user. Included in certain packages, not sold/priced separately

Connected Technologies CheckPoint Tours With Mobile Credentials
Checkpoint Tours is a new service of Connected Technologies’ ScanPass Mobile Credential — the access control solution that installs with a barcode and without wiring, card readers, door control modules or expensive hardware. Users scan the barcode with their smartphone to track and verify performed tasks and activities. MSRP monthly service fee in conjunction with Cloud platform

LifeSafety Power OutSmart Technology
OutSmart visually verifies voltage outputs instantly with dual-color LEDs, eliminating concerns of applying incorrect voltages to access control boards during installation and avoiding damage to sensitive equipment. OutSmart gives visual confirmation of output voltages with a green LED signifying the output is set for 12V, while blue indicates 24V. Free

SecureVizual Security Optimization Tools
The SecureVizual platform offers security resource optimization tools that are visual, stream-lined, simple-to-use and actionable. Created by professional physical security integrators with IT skills, the dashboards will take customers from speculation to verification helping to optimize labor, increase efficiency, and better manage expenses. $1,200

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