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Raise Your Game With SSI’s Most Valuable Security Products of 2019

Fire/Life Safety Runners-Up:

Genetec Citigraf Decision Support System
Genetec’s Citigraf system consolidates data from myriad connected sources to unify public-safety operations across city departments, disseminate timely information, and provide greater situational awareness. MSRP varies

Fusion Software With Desk Phone Broadcasting
InformaCast Fusion with desk phone broadcasting gives organizations the ability to reach on-premises and mobile devices with emergency notifications. By sending messages as SMS text, email, audio pages, phone calls, and more, security integrators are able to provide a solution that offers superior speed and reach when sharing critical safety information. $9.45/user (for 1,000 users)

Nortek Security & Control 2GIG Gun Motion Detector
The Gun Motion Detector integrates into the 2GIG home security system, providing a timely alert to a homeowner’s security panel or smartphone if their gun is moved. Fitting most handguns, rifles, and shotguns, the detector includes a three-digit steel combination lock and works well safeguarding collectibles, displays and secondary weapons. TBD

Resideo Honeywell Home SiXCOMBO 2-Way Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector
The industry’s first two-way, professionally monitored, wireless, combination smoke/heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Four sensing elements improve detection and reduce false alarms and with the “One-Go-All-Go” feature, all life-safety sensors in a system sound if one sensor detects smoke/heat or CO. $199

Nortek Security & Control 2GIG Smoke Heat Freeze Detector
This new sensor is designed to recognize the difference in smoke particles created by synthetic materials versus normal cooking events and decrease nuisance alarms in the kitchen. The detector employs advanced algorithms and a sophisticated optical chamber. MSRP TBD

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