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SSI Spotlights 2020 Security Solutions Awards Winners

The DomeWizard elevated multimode cleaning tool from Dotworkz has been given a design upgrade for 2020. The New patented DomeWizard now includes three new cleaning modes to clean hard to reach optical devices such as fire alarm sensors, security cameras, public monitors, LED lights, traffic lights, solar panels and more.

This ultra-high reaching multisurface cleaning tool is the best solution for keeping maintenance personnel safely on the ground while avoiding costly bucket truck fees. The new DomeWizard cleaning setting mode no. 1 allows the tool to open wide for specialty cameras such as PTZ domes and multisensor cameras.

In mode 2, the cleaning head forms perfectly around smaller mini dome cameras. In mode 3, the cleaning mitt elongates to clean flat surfaces such as optical beams, LED screens, specialty equipment, flat lenses, traffic lights, solar panels and of course indoor/outdoor video surveillance cameras. Upgrades to these kits now include an ultralight oval carbon pole designed for fast and easy, spin free operation.

Complete kits ship in 10-foot, 25-foot and 40-foot maximum extendable versions. Each kit comes with extra cleaning mitts and a pro clean solution. No ladders are needed and it cleans in seconds with three modes that shape to fit every type of optical surface perfectly.

Features sets include:

  • No ladders
  • No lifts
  • No climbing
  • Keeps staff safely on ground
  • Lightweight
  • Spin free locking pole
  • Extendable/collapsible design
  • Three-mode cleaning head (patented)
  • Extra mitts and ProClean solution

Cleaning mode overview:

  • Mode 1: Large dome PTZ cameras, large bubble lenses
  • Mode 2: Mini dome PTZ cameras, micro dome PTZ cameras
  • Mode 3: Fire beam sensors, optical lenses (flat or round), LED/LCD public screens, solar panels

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