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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2018

Boucherle Pick: Verkada Software-Centric Camera

Verkada has a different and fresh perspective on video surveillance, starting with a clean sheet of engineering graph paper while learning the lessons of IP video history. While trends are driving camera prices into the commodity toilet, this company is resurrecting the value proposition with hardware fully enabled by progressive software that adds much stronger cybersecurity fundamentals with cameras acting like a Zener diode and streamlining operational efficiencies.

Highlights of the D50 IP outdoor dome camera include advanced communication capabilities, software updates implemented in real-time, and simplifying the end user as well as integrator experiences. I particularly like the ability to share individual camera recordings via dynamic links for a short period of time with stakeholders, the review analytics are very good, granularity of control by camera, and elegant design of providing high quality video while actively managing bandwidth realities.

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