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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2018

Boucherle Pick: Metrasens Screening Detection

The Proscreen 500 by Metrasens is just plain cool rocket science technology applied to the challenges we face in security. My apologies to the engineers who invented this stuff as it is on the outer edge of my understanding! It deals with gravitational-magnetic signature surfing detection … say what? The earth’s gravitational field is constant; however, as metal moves through these gravitational fields, such as a concealed weapon, phone or a thumb drive with intellectual property tucked inside it, that object leaves a “wake” of disturbed magnetic field signatures behind.

This unique technology detects those waves and provides alerts that can be investigated by security. It is a “passive” product that is not actively pinging subjects with unwanted energy pulses. This product is also a single station pole design that greatly enhances flexibility with deployment opportunities and aesthetics. This system integrates simply with dry contacts.

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