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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2018

Boucherle Pick: Openpath Phone-Based Access Control

Openpath has taken mobile phone access control to the next level with elegant simplicity that finally delivers on the promise of secure mobile phone credentials. Its sleek readers work with both phones and cards to enable technology migration securely with modern cybersecurity encryption technology. The smart panels also allow for easy retrofit with four-door access, power backup, door-locking power and door peripheral support.

The system solution is connected with Cloud-based software to enable global access control with great functions, simplicity, ease of use and upgrading your access game at a reasonable price point. Full performance functionality during Internet or power outages, easy retrofit wiring and durable reader designs make this product worth looking at for innovative, next-generation access control solutions. Everybody forgets their credentials, but virtually no one forgets their smart phone these days.

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