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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Gunnebo Integrated Turnstiles

Gunnebo is an international leader and specialist in entrance control solutions that include a wide variety of indoor and outdoor turnstiles, speed gates and custom security revolving doors that meet demanding customer specifications. Controlling entrances effectively depends on authentication of credentials.

Simple card readers have been the standard approach but they could not verify identities, with a few exceptions. Biometric technology has rapidly evolved over the past five years in performance, stability and lower costs to become a viable new solution for this important task. Gunnebo began exploring applications and new product integration with biometrics back in 2013 to enable high flow rate, higher levels of security, touchless interaction and the ability to retrofit legacy systems.

For its security turnstiles, Gunnebo chose FST facial biometrics in motion and AMAG’s Symmetry access control as technology partners to deliver best-of-breed solutions for demanding customers who require customization and aesthetics. The partnership helps ensure innovation, solid engineering and results-orientated entrance controls as a cohesive team.

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