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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Navio Tactical Evaluator

Run … the drones are coming! Physical security traditionally has some technology limitations in the 2D world of physics. However, the bad guys have new tools to do surveillance unobserved. Terrorists and industrial espionage agents can silently gather info and video and we may not be even aware they are there with their $900 drone.

Enter EVA from Navio Systems, an innovative defensive weapon for real-time observation and reporting of evolving threats for first responders and security operation teams. Safe cities is a big market segment that is growing for integrators. EVA provides some unique technology advantages as well as practical implementation elements.

First is a 360° situational awareness with a multiple sensor and four-camera package that is autonomously operational. Good things come in small packages and EVA fits neatly on top of existing street lights. It simplifies power and mounting challenges, making it faster to implement at a lower cost. Potential uses include airports, ports, parking, military bases, border patrol and infrastructure applications.

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