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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Calpipe High Security Bollards

How do you stop a 15,000-pound truck full of explosives at 50mph in an urban environment? Bollards can create a great defensive perimeter to minimize penetration, but in urban environments the installation challenges can often eliminate that option for a security integrator or consultant.

Bollards are typically installed with serious excavation. Power, cable and structural issues can eliminate this option that also includes higher construction and permit costs. While you may say that is out of my scope of work, but is it as a security solution provider? Calpipe’s K12/M50 Series of security bollards has been designed with those considerations in mind.

Great stopping power, but engineered to disperse energy horizontally, lowering both installation and application thresholds. This allows innovative systems integrators to offer the superior stopping power of bollards without buying a backhoe. If your vertical markets include power plants, military, municipalities or infrastructure, then this solution could be for you.

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