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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Boucherle’s Pick: Indarra Cybersecurity Program

The need to provide customers with cybersecurity tools has never been greater as attacks have dramatically increased from many different vectors. A resurging vector is email phishing and spear phishing deception. It does not rely on a software coding vulnerability but rather human engineering and deception.

It is incredibly easy to accomplish with simple knowledge of human behavior and is a proven tool for both state-sponsored and ransomware bandits. Building stronger security awareness and training across the enterprise is the place to start. The challenge is where, how and when to get started with cybersecurity. Start with building stronger IT relationships; bring an innovative solution and do it tomorrow!

Indarra, with more than 175 years of combined IT experience, can help by offering a unique approach and products to phishing threats, a recurring revenue stream, and help you sell your customers as a team. The company provides assessments, road-mapping and awareness training for your customers.

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