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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2017

Dolph’s Pick: Hubbell Cooled Enclosure

One of the biggest challenges when remotely enclosing electronics is cooling. Hubbell Electric, a company known for reliable, rugged premises equipment, has come up with air conditioning for its RE-BOX Series of remote enclosures.

This allows for the outdoor employment of network switches, WiFi, routers, DAS, security cameras and PoE. The enclosures come with cutouts for easy mounting of the air conditioner and either rail or bracket equipment mounting on the back panel.

The units are UL and CSA List-ed with NEMA 4/12 rating to keep a tight seal against water and ice. All standard RE-BOX and QuadCab mounting and power will work in the new Industrial RE-BOX enclosures with air conditioning.

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