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More than 30 providers make their pitches to partner with professional security dealers and integrators.

Everyone knows the merciful relief that comes when a heavy burden is lifted. In today’s ultra-competitive and challenging environment, for security dealers and integrators that relief can come in the form of a dealer support program.

But like well-matched spouses, it’s a marriage that only works if a true partnership can be achieved that’s mutually beneficial to both parties.

As in matrimony, it can be daunting to find such an ideal catch. Fortunately, as most of us have heard at some point in our lives — there’s a lot of fish in that sea. There’s also a lot of dealer programs out there from which to choose (see below for advice on this process).

Peruse the listing presented below to see if anything clicks to the point where it might be time to do your dealer program vows.

(Note: Providers with full listings responded to SSI’s outreach; abbreviated listings included as a courtesy.)

Vetting on Your Future

As a security dealer or systems integrator, why should you consider aligning your company with a dealer support program? And if you do decide to take that journey, what might be the best path to take to vet out the one that makes the most sense for your business?

Following is how a few insiders suggest resolving with these critical considerations that could shape your firm’s future and fortunes.

John Yazigi (Video Security & Access Control, Motorola Solutions):“When selecting a dealer program, assess the product and technology offering, the addressable market those technologies serve and the pricing and resources available to you. Choosing a manufacturer with cutting-edge technology and an end-to-end offering that’s built on an open platform will help provide the best solutions to solve customer problems across a wide range of verticals, providing the most opportunities to grow your business. Selecting a manufacturer that offers NDAA-compliant solutions deployed in a large customer base can give you the confidence that the solution is trusted and proven in the market. Last but not least, consider the resources and program benefits like competitive pricing, marketing tools, lead sharing, training and support from a dedicated sales team.”

▶ Rebecca Adler Greenwell (Genetec): “A channel partner program should be designed to help you be profitable and grow your business, along with product and services that support your customers’ security requirements and goals. Program benefits that reward sales performance, technical expertise, and loyalty should improve over time as the partnership grows. For long-term profitability, set yourself apart as an authorized partner with access to an offering that allows you to find new markets and easily capture new opportunities from your existing customer base.”

Justin Demek (Guardian Protection): “A dealer should get involved with a dealer program to maximize their revenue and find a home for security installs to be monitored by a quality, reliable monitoring center. There are quite a few programs out there so an owner should perform due diligence on any program that he/she is considering, prior to making a decision. If I were looking to become a dealer, I would look for a reputable program with an easy platform to integrate into my company. Making changes in any company is challenging, so finding a partner that makes it an easier transition would be key for me.”

John Xiao (Hikvision): “Participating in a dealer program affords integrators special attention and pricing that can help them to stand out and be more competitive in a crowded market. It also offers them preferred access to products, information and training available at the manufacturer’s distributor locations, which provides dealers with greater product knowledge to support selling and installing security systems in the field. All these benefits and more ensure a dealer has a solid support system throughout the sales process, from the consulting and design phases all the way to the system installation and troubleshooting, enabling them to provide outstanding service to end users.”

Rick Koscinski (Honeywell): “Dealer programs are ideal for a company looking to expand its footprint, deepen its solution offering and expertise, and grow its business through a strategic partnership with an established vendor. A successful strategic growth partnership leverages shared business goals, collaboration and support for every level of the sales cycle both internally and externally. Look for a regionally diverse membership built on mutual growth with opportunities for education and networking, where active partners can gain access to insight in technology advancements, exclusive training and professional development.”

Mike Taylor (Identiv): “When considering joining a partner program, dealers should vet the platform by looking for these key items: do they get leads, does the program offer discounts for the most loyal dealers, and is the program exclusive? Why does this make or break a program? Nothing is more indicative of a partnership than getting leads from the manufacturer. Your loyalty should directly determine the discount you receive and the value should be exclusive to dealers who commit fully.”

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