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From Mask Detection to Access Control: 12 Solutions to Get Your Customers Back to Work

Alcatraz AI, Johnson Controls Hands-Free Access Solutions

Johnson Controls and Alcatraz AI, a developer of secure frictionless access control products, collaborated to provide a suite of AI-powered security solutions and services. When integrated with Johnson Controls access control technology, the Alcatraz Rock and its analytics provide building managers with advanced protection for their facilities’ security operations.

The Alcatraz Rock software employs real-time facial mapping and deep neural networks to automatically enroll an individual based on any current access control methods, allowing for instant one-factor recognition authentication.

This integration is said to completely replace standard badging practices with frictionless, hands-free access, allowing businesses and organizations to safely reopen by minimizing person-to-person contact at major entry points, and can even provide AI-powered mask detection. Additionally, AI technology instantly identifies and alerts security personnel to entry abnormalities. Learn more here.

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