Barco to Bring New Technologies, Partnership Mindset to GSX 2023

Barco is excited to showcase CTRL, Barco UniSee II & more in Dallas, while also forging key connections with security industry stakeholders.

Barco to Bring New Technologies, Partnership Mindset to GSX 2023

With the Global Security Exchange (GSX) trade show rapidly approaching, industry-leading vendors are finalizing their plans to impress the end users, installers and integrators onsite in Dallas. Foremost among them is Barco Control Rooms, whose GSX 2023 booth, #4055, is sure to be a hub of activity throughout the show, which runs from Sept. 11 to 13.

Security Sales & Integration recently caught up with a recognized thought leader in the control room space, Dan Gundry, who is Barco’s senior director of Americas. Here, we share some of his market insights.

Gundry starts the chat by discussing CTRL, Barco’s new platform for command center visualization, which the company will feature at GSX.

“CTRL was designed from the ground up based on 30-plus years of Barco leadership in control rooms to support today’s command centers in terms of security in design, simplicity in deployment and use, and scalability of architecture to flex and grow as the mission of a user’s SOC changes,” he explains.

Barco UniSee II

Although there’s no doubt that CTRL will grab lots of headlines at GSX, Gundry also pointed to Barco UniSee II, an offering that builds on the success of its predecessor, Barco UniSee, as a surefire attention-getter. GSX will be the worldwide launch for Barco UniSee II.

“This next evolution in LCD video walls continues to redefine the standards of visual excellence and reliability,” he declares. “UniSee II has been designed with a focus on delivering an unparalleled visual experience, setting new benchmarks in image quality and display technology.”

Gundry discusses a range of qualities and benefits that Barco UniSee II boasts, starting with its captivating visuals.

“[It] introduces stunning visuals that captivate the audience with lifelike imagery,” Gundry describes. “Vivid colors, deep blacks and optimal contrast create a visual feast, making content come alive on the screen.”

Another standout feature, he adds, is Barco UniSee II’s consistent uniformity across the entire video wall.

“This uniformity ensures that there are no distracting variations in brightness or color across the display, providing a seamless and immersive viewing experience,” Gundry says.

Gundry also touts Barco UniSee II’s ability to enhance communication between panels. “Panels work together seamlessly, reducing the gap between them to an almost invisible level,” he enthuses. “This feature ensures that content flows smoothly across the entire video wall without any disruptions.”

Moreover, Gundry emphasizes that Barco understands the importance of viewer comfort; thus, Barco UniSee II incorporates ergonomic design principles that reduce eye fatigue.

“The display’s configuration promotes comfortable viewing angles, making it ideal for extended periods of content consumption,” he relates.

Barco, of course, embraces the “green” ethos and, thus, Barco UniSee II is not only visually stunning but also energy-efficient.

“It’s designed to minimize power consumption while delivering top-notch performance, contributing to cost savings and sustainability,” Gundry explains.

Concomitant with excellent performance and reduced cost is high return on investment, and Barco UniSee II, with its robust build quality and advanced features, delivers on ROI in spades.

“Its reliability and long operational life ensure that it continues to provide value over the long term,” Gundry states.

Ultimately, Gundry says, Barco UniSee II is more than just a video wall.

“Its combination of cutting-edge image quality, seamless communication, viewer comfort and sustainability set it apart as a must-have solution for various industries — from command centers to corporate spaces — where visual impact and reliability matter the most.”

Command Center Missions and Workflows

Gundry, a keen observer of the command-and-control category, remarks that command center missions and workflows are changing these days.

“The data points are growing and the responsibilities are expanding,” he elaborates. “These spaces require a different approach in terms of the technology deployed.”

Barco, of course, continues to stay at the forefront of developing solutions to support security integrators and users in these mission-critical environments.

Indeed, Barco works to offer a compelling value proposition to security dealers and integrators through its innovative solutions, which are designed to address the evolving landscape of command center missions and workflows.

“At a time when data points are increasing, and the responsibilities within these spaces are expanding, Barco provides a distinct technological approach that resonates with the unique requirements of such mission-critical environments,” Gundry declares.

Why Security Dealers and Integrators Should Partner with Barco

Asked why security dealers and integrators should consider partnering with Barco, Gundry offers six great reasons. First, he spotlights the company’s cutting-edge technologies.

“Barco remains at the forefront of technology development, consistently introducing advanced solutions that cater to the changing needs of command center operations,” he says. “By partnering with Barco, security dealers and integrators gain access to state-of-the-art tools designed to enhance situational awareness, communication and decision-making in high-stress situations.”

Second, Gundry cites Barco’s tailored approach, born of the company’s recognition that command center missions’ dynamic nature requires a customized approach.

“[Barco’s] solutions are not one-size-fits-all; they are adaptable and flexible, allowing integrators to tailor their deployments to the specific needs and constraints of their clients,” Gundry states. “This adaptability ensures that the technology seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows.”

Third, Gundry underlines Barco’s extensive experience and understanding of mission-critical environments. This, he explains, enables the company to design solutions that align with the unique demands of security operations.

“This expertise translates into more reliable and efficient systems that help security integrators create value for their clients and end users,” Gundry adds.

Fourth, Gundry points to Barco’s comprehensive range of products and solutions, which cover various aspects of command center operations, including video walls, collaboration tools, visualization solutions and more.

“This wide portfolio empowers security dealers and integrators to select and implement the ideal combination of technologies that best serve their clients’ needs,” he says.

Fifth, Gundry highlights that Barco provides not only cutting-edge technology but also the necessary support and training for security dealers and integrators to succeed.

“This ensures that partners have the knowledge and resources to effectively deploy, maintain and troubleshoot the solutions,” he comments, “ultimately leading to satisfied clients.”

Sixth and finally, Gundry emphasizes that, when you partner with Barco, it’s not just a transaction; on the contrary, it’s a commitment to a long-term relationship.

“Barco values collaboration and actively engages with security dealers and integrators to gather insights, feedback and suggestions,” he explains. “[These] are used to continuously improve and refine their offerings.”

To see those offerings up close and learn about how to leverage a partnership with Barco, visit the company at GSX at booth #4055.

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