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MIPS 2021 Guides Integration Partners Into ‘Shaping the New Next’

In his keynote address, entitled “The New Next,” Milestone Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Kenneth Hune Petersen posited that video technology is the electricity of the 21st Century — it will change how we live and work.

He summarized how Milestone is heightening end-user awareness about the value of video technology, as well as the future role of the Milestone Marketplace, an online site for XProtect users to find and compare hardware, software and solution service partners.

“My challenge to you is to start thinking about the ‘new next’ as a whole new opportunity; to see video technology as much more than just security,” he said. “To drive this, Milestone will educate end customers. We’ll create worldwide campaigns to educate about the advantages of video technology. And we will send them to the Milestone Marketplace.”

“We at Milestone cannot do this alone. We need you to lean into the Milestone Marketplace,” he continued. “We need you to get your solutions and your skills onto the marketplace, so that when customer comes to the Marketplace, they will be amazed and inspired by all the smart solutions that we can create together.”

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