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Poll: What Is the Best Way to Address False Alarm Dispatches?

Georgia Adopts Enhanced Call Verification to Combat False Dispatches

Habitec Security: ECV Reduced False Alarm Dispatches by 20%

Georgia Seeks to Implement Enhanced Call Verification

What Are the Legal Concerns When Implementing ECV?

Detroit Alarm Verification Policy Catches Industry Off-Guard

Read: False Alarm Reduction Is Customary at Custom Alarm

False Alarm Reduction Is Customary at Custom Alarm

Proven techniques that cut false alarms and police dispatches are business as usual for Custom Alarm. The company’s assimilation of practices like two-call verification and following up on all false alarms helped it earn the 6th annual Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award. Find out what makes its outstanding false alarm management program tick.

Spokane PD Decreases False Alarms Using ECV

Seattle ECV Policy Cuts False Alarm Dispatches by 26%

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