How to Streamline Revenue Acceleration With Industry-Dedicated Software

Close more deals, deliver more profitable projects and generate more business from the customers you already have by attending this free webinar with SiteOwl.

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The physical security industry is often responsible for delivering cutting-edge security tech to businesses and consumers. Ironically, the same integrators that are responsible for installing these cutting-edge video, access control and intrusion detection systems often employ the most low-tech of systems for their own internal operations, A.K.A pen and paper.

Digitizing operational processes has many benefits, the most impactful of which are lower cost of delivery, higher efficiency and improved productivity.

By attending this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to digitize the security system design process, while collaborating with customers and internal teams on the cloud to win more deals
  • How installation teams can completely eliminate paper-based job reporting, while projects managers get real-time updates of progress in the field
  • How integrators can win more recurring revenue by digitally transforming their internal processes to improve customer experience

SiteOwl is the industry’s first lifecycle management platform on the Cloud. With a full suite of purpose-built web and mobile applications for design, installation and system management. Organizations that use SiteOwl see up to 30% improvement in installation efficiency, increased sales close rates and higher recurring revenue.

This webinar will showcase how integrators can use SiteOwl to standardize and streamline their lifecycle management processes to become more profitable and deepen customer relationships.


Chris Wilson, VP of Customer Success, SiteOwl

Chris Wilson leads Customer Success at SiteOwl. Chris is a certified SIA instructor with deep industry expertise and has held executive leadership roles with security integrators, consultants and manufacturers.

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