Exclusive Research: 2020 SSI Recurring Revenue Deep Dive

Get invaluable business insights courtesy of SSI’s 2020 Recurring Revenue Deep Dive

The recurring monthly revenue business model is designed to generate a continuous stream of revenue that allows firms to earn money round the clock, but it also delivers a multitude of other business benefits. New research shows 42% margins and 17% growth.

To help the industry fully wrap its arms around the RMR phenomenon, the 2020 Security Sales & Integration Recurring Revenue Deep Dive surveyed dealers and integrators to assess the opportunities, probe the challenges and establish key benchmarks.

Find out to what extent RMR will drive residential and commercial business in 2020; how much money is being made; growth percentages; RMR’s impact on technology sectors; and the optimal RMR-friendly products, systems and services.

Plus, see how companies such as NAPCO and Telguard have leveraged RMR to increase their profits.

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