Is the Cloud Ready for Video Surveillance?

Five things to consider before moving your surveillance video to the cloud.

With companies across all sectors taking advantage of cloud technology to reduce IT costs, streamline application management, and make their infrastructure more flexible and scalable, it’s no surprise that many are now turning their attention to potential cloud applications for video surveillance.

Yet video surveillance systems have some unique requirements that set them apart from other types of enterprise cloud applications.

Video – especially high-definition video – demands much more bandwidth than the consumer-oriented cloud services you may use at home. Pushing video to the cloud reliably in real time requires a high-speed, highly available network. Security and privacy have to be considered, too: legislation, regulations and corporate policies may all impose restrictions on the transport and storage of video footage. In fact, some organizations explicitly prohibit video data from leaving the corporate network.

Download this whitepaper, complete with user cases, to learn more about five key factors that your organization should consider before moving to cloud-based video storage solution.