New Research Reveals Hot Opportunities for Security Pros

2017 Operations and Opportunities Report shows that security pros with an entrepreneurial spirit see the shifting landscape in the security market more as opportunities than challenges.

Nearly a decade ago, Security Sales & Integration launched its annual Operations & Opportunities Report (OOR).  The mission of the OOR’s unique and original research mission was and continues to be, to assist installing security dealers and integrators in learning about new business models, new competitors, and developing technologies and services.

In 2017, nearly 400 executives, supervisors and managers from across the United States and Canada, representative of all sizes of operators, were queried about a wide range of topics aimed to not only ascertain how to most effectively grow profits and cut costs, but also the specifics of implementation. Respondents were additionally asked to identify new technologies and services with the strongest upside potential, as well as the most thriving vertical markets. Several financial and operational questions were also posed.

Some of the most compelling research findings regarding opportunities on the rise include:

  • home automation
  • video analytics
  • the retail and higher education markets
  • DIY system monitoring and servicing
  • managed (network/IT) services
  • wireless technology

Among the needs sought after to facilitate more effective operations:

  • analyzing metrics to improve efficiencies
  • selling more to existing client base
  • doing a better job prospecting for new customers
  • improving online/social media presence and
  • boosting employee morale

Among the top challenges:

  • having enough staff to cover lost hours to training
  • having enough staff to take on new initiatives
  • developing pricing models for new offerings

An additional, and perhaps most impactful, challenge stems from indicators that the economy and monies are once again tightening up.  All the more reason to use the research data found in the OOR to study up on the shifting security landscape and follow rising trends…or take a gamble to focus instead on areas not presently in vogue.

Learn more by downloading the 2017 Operations & Opportunities Report today!.