Security Sales & Integration – April 2018

The Cybersecurity Issue: Exclusive Research, MSPs, Network Monitoring & More

IST Doubles Down on IT
Having rolled physical security into its IT business 16 years ago, Integrated Security Technologies is leading a new wave of network-centric integrators. Find out why being as comfortable deploying video surveillance as cybersecurity is rewarding clients as well as IST’s bottom line.

Abiding by the Code
The industry’s storm of confusion, panic and indifference surrounding the specter of cybersecurity has begun to settle, revealing a sharper focus of shortcomings, areas for improvement and opportunities. That and more await in SSI’s fourth Physical-Logical Security Assessment.

Why MSPs May Be Your New BFFs
Protecting enterprise clients against cyber risks likely requires systems integrators to step into foreign territory. Managed service providers offer a reassuring hand by delivering IT expertise, lightening the workload, and opening RMR streams.

Enjoy Greater Net Gains With Network Monitoring
Security dealers stand to score more points with homeowners by making sure their networks operate reliably and smoothly, in turn assuring their technology systems do the same. See how companies are assisting with enterprise-grade solutions and RMR possibilities.

Ensuring Hackers Don’t Catch the Waves
Wireless can be wonderful but it can also be woeful where it comes to keeping communications and data secure, especially a concern when part of a security system. Find out the technologies and practices being administered to keep unwanted code and intruders out of those networks and devices.