Security Sales & Integration August 2018

The Monitoring Issue: NMC’s Video Vision Is A Marvel

TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology Marvel Awards

Marvel Winner NMC Sees Video’s Value
It’s time to add a new superhero to the Marvel universe. NMC’s proactive video monitoring allows it to capture the first Monitoring Technology Marvel Award.

Runners-Up: Ackerman Security Acknowledged as Early Cloud Adopter; COPS Monitoring Lessens Risk by Being Redundant

Central Stations: High-Flying Tech & Safety Net in One
Like breathtaking trapeze artists today’s wholesale monitoring providers are offering exhilarating new products and services, while at the same time ever strengthening the industry’s foundation of reliable alarm signal transmission and response. See how these central stations can help you succeed with the greatest of ease.

Research: Off to See the Wizard of OOR
Whether it’s smarts, courage or heart you seek you’ll find it among the business insights exceeding the value of an emerald city within SSI’s 2018 Operations & Opportunities Report. Now begin repeating, there’s no place like security . . . ruby slippers optional.

Unlock More RMR Potential in SMB & Residential Access
Today’s Cloud-based platforms, unified systems possibilities and mobile-friendly features enable security pros to deliver large-scale benefits and controls to smaller commercial clients and smart home dwellers. See how providers can put more dollars in dealers’ pockets.