Security Sales & Integration June 2018

SSI’s annual Distribution Issue features wholesale distributor directory as well as winners of the 23rd Sales & Marketing Awards (SAMMYs), the Most Valuable Product Award winners and more.

What’s Next for Anixter

Founded in 1957, Anixter has spent the past decade strengthening its security products distribution position, first by acquiring CLARK Security Products and more recently Tri-Ed. Freshly unified under the Anixter name, company execs tell how greater reach, resources and expertise work to their customers’ advantage.

Sowing the Seeds of Security

How does your garden grow? With the right wholesale distributor bearing the best products, service and support. A bushel of leading suppliers tell how their magic beans can help your security stalk reach the land of the giants

Leading by Example

Winners of SSI’s 23rd Sales & Marketing Awards (SAMMYs) have proven themselves to be models of messaging and captains of creativity, offering an abundance of ideas for today’s security companies to emulate — and reap the bottom-line rewards in the process.

MVP Program Can Help You Hit the Jackpot
Thanks to SSI you’re playing with house money where it comes to investing resources investigating viable security solutions. The Most Valuable Product Awards distinguishes the best from among more than 50 worthy candidates.