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1. What actions will cause the current through an electrical circuit to increase?

a) Decrease the voltage with a potentiometer
b) Decrease the resistance
c) Increase the resistance
d) Increase the capacitance

2. Ohms Law is defined as:

a) The relationship between power, current, voltage and resistance
b) A local ordinance affecting alarm systems
c) A scientific theory utilized to quantify smoke movement in buildings
d) A scientific theory utilized to quantify parts per million (ppm) in carbon monoxide detection

3. NFPA 730 is the guide for:

a) Natural gas detectors
b) Premises security
c) Household burglar alarm systems
d) Life-safety systems for colleges and universities

4. NFPA 731 is the standard for:

a) Premises security
b) Crime prevention through environmental design of security systems
c) Installation of electronic premises security systems
d) Installation of holdup and panic alarm systems

5. EVD is defined as:

a) Electrical volumetric detection
b) Electronic vibration detection
c) Electronic volumetric detection
d) Electronic vibration contact detection

6. An EVD system is best suited for intrusion detection on a:

a) File cabinet
b) Door
c) Overhead garage door
d) Safe

7. A normally-closed protective loop circuit allows electrons to flow when:

a) The circuit is normally closed
b) The circuit is normally open
c) The circuit is a double circuit with an open circuit
d) The circuit is a feed and return loop with an open circuit

8. A normally-open protective loop circuit allows electrons to flow when:

a) The circuit is normally open
b) The circuit is a double circuit
c) The circuit is a feed and return circuit
d) The circuit is normally closed

9. The 4 Ds of security are defined as:

a) Detect, deter, delay, deny
b) Deter, delay deny, detect
c) Delay the adversary, deter the intruder, delay the perpetrator and deny access to any unauthorized criminal event or perpetrator
d) Detection system, foreseeability, preventability and delay

10. The Crime Triangle is defined as:

a) Criminal action, criminal acts, criminal demographics
b) Motive, intent, opportunity
c) Secure all perimeter windows, leave lights on at night and install monitored security systems
d) Install monitored security system, provide volumetric detection and insure the protected premises

11. A point-to-point detection device THAT is designed to detect an intruder is known as:

a) Passive infrared motion (PIR) detector
b) Microwave motion detector
c) Dual technology motion detector
d) Active infrared (IR) beam

Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, DABFET, CHS-III, SET, RI, is a forensic alarm industry expert and President of Teaneck, N.J.-based IDS Research & Development Inc. He can be reached at (201) 287-0900.

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