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SIA Digs Deeper Into Government’s Crackdown On CCTV Equipment With Covert Audio Capabilities


The Security Industry Association (SIA) has uncovered more information in the U.S. Justice Department’s (DoJ) investigation into the manufacture and distribution of CCTV equipment that incorporates covert audio capabilities. Late in 1999, DoJ and U.S. Customs agents began seizing CCTV/audio equipment believed to be in violation of Title 18 of U.S. Wiretapping Laws.

SIA has learned that an interagency task force has been coordinating efforts to seize all CCTV equipment that has disguised covert audio capabilities designed to “surreptitiously” intercept and record audio transmissions. Consequently, SIA is advising manufacturers and distributors to review their CCTV/audio products’ marketing and sales material for Title 18 compliance. For more information, call (703) 683-2075 or visit

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