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The Lowdown on Lockdowns

If being able to lock down the perimeter of a building is a security concern there are different options to consider. Below are examples of lockdown options:

  • Manuel Lockdown: Keys manually lock down a room or space, but rely completely upon an individual having the right credential in hand at the opening. With this approach, the speed of lockdown is dependent on how fast a staff member can unlock the door.
  • Remote/Local Lockdown: This is a standalone electronic solution providing instant lockdown with remote fob. This still relies on multiple staff members, but is faster to implement.
  • Centralized Lockdown: This lockdown is activated by a centralized computer or smartphone. It is the most secure because one function simultaneously locks down all openings within a net-work from one centralized point of accountability.

Each lockdown method has its pros and cons, so it is important to weigh these as you plan for the present and future. The people in the room need to figure out how to take care of today’s security needs without re-spending money to replace old solutions.

By planning products, you can properly extend access control without running into the barriers and limitations listed above because you will be pre-pared to evolve and adapt to upcoming technological advances, all while staying cost-efficient.

Innovation of Modular Design

To complement the technological advancements we’ve seen over the past few years, integrators have been designing security solutions that are fluid and flexible enough to adapt in an evolving world. It can be a complex task to fit multiple components to build an intelligent solution that will satisfy a customer’s needs.

As part of the planning phase, customers will have to choose a lock system that best suits their overall security plan. Modular designs are trending upward in popularity among users in the market-place because they allow locks to be configured in multiple ways, depending on the need of each opening.

With ever-changing technology, the modular design gives customers the necessary flexibility for buildings with various types of openings that all have different access protocols and uses. This also allows lock access through multiple credentials depending on the opening’s requirements, proving to be a valuable part of extending access control.

Selecting Credentials

Practical decisions and careful planning are needed to ensure effectiveness because security plans aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Manual keys are slowly becoming the minority and other options will only further advance the thinking as facilities look to expand access control.

Flexibility is the value proposition for modular-designed locks. With so many options, the flexibility provides easy credential migration, advanced functionality, efficient installation, adjustable for future advancements and provides a positive return on investment.

In any given facility there are multiple openings to secure, and multiple people who need access. Varied layers of clearance, employee turnover rates and a long list of other factors play a role in dictating exactly which credential solutions make the most sense. It’s more than just put-ting a key in the lock and turning it. In today’s changing society, there are more decisions than ever before, and finding the tool to your mechanism is important to completing a practical security plan. Below are some of the most common credential options.

Keys: To those who may not know, keys have evolved with the rest of security technology. Mechanical key solutions can be used in a wide range of applications to provide basic or enhanced access control.

Codes: Personalized codes, rather than keys alone, enhance convenience while still providing secure access. PIN codes offer a greater level of control and flexibility than t
raditional keys. There are several advantages to using PIN codes. Users can be granted access to a number of different openings without carrying a pocket full of keys.

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