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2019 Security Sales & Marketing Survey: Pros More Focused on Bundles, Presentations

While there was wiggle room in the percentages, the order of the top three remained unchanged compared to the prior survey. That said, bundling closed the gap from 12 to 4 percentage points on warranty/service/maintenance. Insurance discounts was halved, and promotional items more than doubled. Not charging for tech support was among the “other” category.

Community networking picked up 7 more percentage points compared to five years ago, and shows/exhibits drew 9 additional points to leap from the No. 6 to No. 3. Internet advertising also gained 8 points to bolt up from 10th in 2015. Direct mail sank from fifth to entirely out of the top 10.

This one scarcely changed from five years ago, being nearly an even split with half the respondents reporting they track their company’s leads. Many use CRM systems, with Salesforce, Tigerpaw, WeOpp, Hubspot, Infosoft, Connectwise and Alarm Biller being cited among their software tools.

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