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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Boucherle Pick: Tiger Technology Data Management

The Tiger Bridge 4.1 provides continuous data protection (CDP) with a promise of zero waste backup and instant recovery of every version of earlier files for both on-prem or Cloud storage applications. The increasing threat trends of cyber-attacks and ransomware, hackers and natural disasters make this solution a “must-have” for resiliency for your customers’ business. It manages NTFS and ReFS volumes as well as NAS (SMB/NFS) shares allowing saving every version of every file while reducing data loss — delivering on the promise of simplifying and demystifying the complexity of Cloud storage and retrieval. The product is easy and fast to implement, and provides greater flexibility of affordable, scalable customer storage and retrieval options. This solution is already baked into Milestone and CBD Video appliances and compatible to virtually all VMS suppliers. It is agnostic to whichever Cloud provider you choose, allowing leverage of Tier 1,2,3 pricing to meet your customers’ needs.

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