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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Napco Cell-Based Access Control

If you want to keep any eye on industry trends then always keep an eye on Napco. Its Air Access system is touted as the first cell-based hosted wireless access control system. Now one can quickly configure and deploy a scalable wireless access system with an easy cell communicator and gateway to wireless locks or panels or panel Wiegand readers. The system is plug n play with little training and no tech specialist required, and it’s the right size for the largest segment of today’s commercial market: small- and medium-sized businesses. The Easy App with built-in credentials allows control of doors, users and lock-down/threat status. The Air Access system uses the popular and proven NAPCO Lock Trilogy Networx. Communications is super simple, via StarLink Cellular Communicators. The product can be used with existing IDs and/or built-in credentials within the Air Access app. Real-time monitor services and SMS alerts provide status such as forced door, multiple invalid ID attempts, etc. 

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