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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2021

Dolph Pick: Teleportivity Customer Service

Alarm products and services are not only about how well you can provide a valued service but also a positive customer experience. The latter is an attribute Teleportivity brings to users accessing systems and summoning assistance. Whether it is checking in to a hotel or gaining authorized access to a facility, the Teleportivity concept is very appealing to today’s tech-savvy customer. Its phone app allows creation of thousands of customized live video and information help points. Location identification is accomplished through simple scanning of displayed QR code labels, tapping NFC, or a web link. Their instantly scalable video helpdesk allows you to scale, push and pull your very best staff where they’re required. This helps control traffic locations and provides a constant, seamless customer experience. This offering allows access control, security and video support from anywhere in the world. Check out the company’s free sample and demos.

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