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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2020

Dolph Pick: OPTEX Dual-Tech Outdoor Sensors

Here is another quality product from a company you can trust: the QX Infinity (QXI) Series of high or low mount outdoor PIRs and dual-tech sensors from OPTEX. These PIRs provide a wide 120° and 40-foot detection area. The new Quad-Element technology features the manufacturer’s sensing analytics, called the Super Multi-Dimensional Analysis (SMDA), to reduce any noise created by the environment.

The DT Model uses PIR and microwave dual-tech technology. These devices also have anti-blocking functions for detection of intentional masking. The R Model is battery-operated making for easy outdoors installation. Replacement of a standard RR123A battery takes only a minute. Battery consumption is on 9-16 microamps in standby, thus providing long life. This is a very versatile motion sensor.

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