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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2018

Boucherle Pick: ZKTeco Metal Detector

ZKTeco USA continues to deliver more bang for your security buck with the feature-rich WMD433 metal detector. It provides from one to 33 overlapping zones of detection, can differentiate dangerous and insignificant metal objects, fine tune sensitivity in increments from 0-300, and is easy to deploy and redeploy with optional casters. In addition, the product provides people and alarm counts, outputs for integration with layered security, and is low maintenance with self-calibration and test with every power-up while being safe for both pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

The controls are restricted to authorized personnel while providing the convenience of infrared remote control operation. The WMD433 is technician friendly with only two major assemblies, cables, about eight screws and supplying it with power. An optional four- to eight-hour battery backup provides standard TCP-IP connectivity for integration. The unit also supports WiFi.

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