4 Reasons Security Power Management Should Not Be Overlooked

Often not specified, power protection for IP and analog security systems and digital signage is important to reducing service calls, saving energy, filtering line ‘noise.’

Unlike battery backups and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that are mainstays in any proposal to protect against system outages, power management for security devices is often forgotten by security integrators as they specify residential and commercial projects. Why? The benefits to adding power management to every CCTV, access control, intrusion and fire detection project — no matter how small — are substantial for security dealers to reduce their service costs while also saving their clients’ energy.

Here are 4 reasons to include power management in security infrastructure:

1. Smartphone Access Reduces Truck Rolls — With the latest power management technologies, an integrator can fix many system errors right from his or her smartphone vs. rolling a truck. Network switches, access control nodes and DVRs can freeze up and often the solution is simple: Just cycle the power, or in other words, turn the product off and back on again. This is an easy fix if the failure occurs at a technician’s desk or in a system that’s being worked on. If it takes place after an hour-long drive through city traffic, though, it can be frustrating to say the least, because it wastes the time of system integrators.

Fortunately, the recent revolution in Internet-based control is helping eliminate these types of service calls, and the frustration, expense and lost time that often accompanies them. Panamax has incorporated such Internet-based control technology into many of its latest products under the name BlueBOLT. Panamax, part of Nortek, Inc. (NTK), which is a global, diversified company with over 30 market-leading brands.  BlueBOLT-enabled Panamax power management products, for example, can be controlled with a smartphone through any web browser from the mybluebolt.com web page. System integrators can cycle outlets without rolling a truck.

Here’s a typical scenario: A CCTV system freezes up, showing nothing but blank screens. An employee at the client location, who has not been trained in maintenance and troubleshooting, calls the company that installed the system. Normally, the installer would pull a technician off another job and roll a truck to the client location, only to find that simply cycling the power on the system or just a single component of the system fixes the problem.

Installers can simply hit the web page link on their phone and select the power management unit installed at that particular location and cycle the power to that system. This can save a couple of hours of time and keeping existing jobs on schedule while minimizing downtime on the client’s system. BlueBOLT-equipped products also allow an integrator to remotely check the operating status of network switches, access control nodes or DVRs. From the web page, the technician can send out a “ping,” which the component will answer if it’s connected, powered up and operating properly.  If the component doesn’t respond to the ping, the technician knows which component is at fault – and knows to take a replacement to the job site in case of an equipment failure.

2. Enables Power Savings Benefits — Reducing energy consumption is a concern for every business, especially in locations with tiered power rates. Any BlueBOLT-enabled outlet can be turned on and off on a daily timer. So, a section of a security system that’s not needed during business hours can be shut down automatically to save energy and reduce utility costs, then powered up again when it’s needed. These systems can even display power usage over time, identifying the parts of a security system that consume the most energy and where energy-saving steps would have the greatest benefit.

3. Modularity Offers Flexibility — Power management come in all shapes and sizes. They can be standalone units, additional options in other power supplies, or even upgraded systems that include UPS. For example, Panamax offers BlueBOLT either built in or added through the optional CV-1 BlueBOLT card.

Small units like the three-outlet SM3-PRO provide all the benefits of power management, yet are slim enough to slip behind a flat-panel TV.

Meanwhile, one model especially well-suited for use with security systems is the M4000-PRO, a rack-mountable unit that features eight protected AC outlets. Finally, systems that demand a flawless, constant supply of power can use the MB1500 uninterruptible power supply, which accommodates a BlueBOLT CV-1 card. The MB1500 features eight outlets and can keep components running for 30 minutes at half load.

For networked security cameras, the BlueBOLT Wireless Gateway, BB-ZB1, plugs into the network and is used with a MD2-ZB BlueBOLT SmartPlug which has two protected, BlueBOLT-enabled outlets. The Gateway communicates with as many as 15 SmartPlugs, allowing control of devices such as CCTV cameras that are distributed throughout a facility.

4. Provides Clean, Safe Power — One final benefit for using power management with video surveillance and access control systems especially is the provision of clean and safe power. For example, power management devices filter out “noise” in the line that can cause images to be fuzzy. At the same time, they can auto disconnect components from the power source if spikes or surges occur. Three of the Panamax’s proprietary technologies include:

• Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT) which removes video noise due to EMI and RFI and this results in better video playback;
• Protect-or-Disconnect, which instantly disconnects connected components from the AC power in the event of high-voltage spikes;
• Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM), which disconnects components from the power line if the incoming AC voltage is too high or too low.

With extensive protection against spikes and advanced filtering to remove noise from the incoming AC power, Panamax products can help keep expensive, complicated security systems safe.

NOTE: This story was submitted by Panamax.

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