CS Editors: Organizing Content


There are four slots available on the site: Featured Event, Primary Feature, Secondary Feature, and Sidebar.

Featured Events are called out on the Event archive, and are for events that, while not chronologically ‘next’, ought to be particularly emphasized, such as the Security Sales Conference.

Primary Features are how the large, primary focus content item on the home page is chosen. Anything slotted as a primary feature should have a quality hero graphic, as it is very visible and at the forefront of all other content.

Secondary Features are for the content items that appear beneath the Primary Feature on the homepage – they are for additional, important content that should be the focus of a reader’s attention.

Sidebar is how downloads, webcasts, and podcasts can be selected as belonging to the “recommended for you” section of the site-wide sidebar. The latest items from this slot are selected, so try to unslot and slot content rather than re-dating!



Categories are a site-wide hierarchy where content is organized according to markets, topics, and other sponsorable “buckets”. Editors can categorize content in as many or as few categories as they would like. After selecting multiple categories, a “primary category” link will appear – selecting this will designate a category that should be associated with any ad targeting for this content, and will affect the URL of the content.



Tags are topics that are not covered by Categories, but are still needed to aggregate content. Related Tags and Event Pages use tags to determine what content is related to a particular item, so please include tags if appropriate.


Company Tags

Company Tags are different from content Tags, in that they describe Companies that are a particular focus of a story, press release, or other item on the site. Company Pages choose a particular Company Tag, and aggregate content from this Company Tag as the latest information on the site about this company. If we do or potentially could have a Company Page on the site, consider giving appropriate content a Company Tag.

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