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Mo. City Sees 14% Drop in False Alarms

Springfield police suspect fines have played a role in the reduction in false alarms.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — False alarms to businesses and homes here has dropped to about 14 percent, according to the Springfield Police Department.

From July 2013 to December 2013, officers responded to more than 1,500 false alarms. To combat this, the department hired a third-party company to issue fines for repeat offenders, reports.

The department admits that it has experienced the same number of false alarms; however, there are fewer fines — a drop of more than 14 percent.

However, Shirley Wheeler of Midwest Security the numbers can be deceiving when responding to business alarms. In fact, she claims that if security companies didn’t respond to false alarms, it is possible more businesses can be fined.

“We respond to the alarms because they don’t get charged the fine for having the police come out multiple times,” she told

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