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SIA Releases Privacy Guidelines for Security Technologies

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released its "Privacy Framework," a 12-item guideline addressing privacy issues related to security technologies ...

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released its “Privacy Framework,” a 12-item guideline addressing privacy issues related to video recording, the collection of personally identifiable information and the use of biometrics, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other security technologies.

In its efforts to promote the responsible use of security technology, SIA has opposed legislative efforts in several states that would have sharply restricted the use of such technologies as biometrics and RFID. The association has argued that the restrictions would be an inappropriate and ill-informed reaction to legitimate concerns about privacy that would result in the use of less reliable technologies that could make people less secure and make private information more vulnerable.

“Overly restrictive government privacy policies can lead to excessive litigation, prevent the delivery of cutting-edge security solutions to end-users, and impose unnecessary delays in the allocation of grant funds for critical infrastructure protection projects at our nation’s ports, transit systems, schools and universities, and other essential facilities,” the Framework states. “SIA members know all too well how changes in technology occur much faster than legislatures and policy-makers can address those changes.”

View the complete list of guidelines.

The October issue of SECURITY SALES & INTGRATION will include an in-depth report surrounding privacy issues.


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