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Keynote speaker Jason Dorsey, co-founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics, explained “everything you have heard about Millennials is wrong.”

Among the most common “myths” about Millennials is the idea of entitlement and the supposed attitude that they should be promoted to manager after a couple weeks on the job.

Although there is a small degree of truth to that, Dorsey said Baby Boomers’ parenting philosophy of wanting things to be easier for their offspring has led to the rationale behind entitlement.

Dorsey also discussed the how and why the generation coming up behind the Millennials —  Generation Z — will “leapfrog” them in the workforce because of a “stronger work ethic.”

Gen Z, he said, is more willing to accept any job and by and large does not hold the same kind of entitlement attributed to Millennials.

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