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“We are already getting the results we wanted,” says Seth Hallen, president of Home Security ¾ a residential security dealer based in Los Angeles, California. “We are a company that has always maintained a very clear vision of how we want to be positioned within our industry. We continually strive to reach our goals, and because of this, our business has grown rapidly over the past few years.”

So, why would one of the fastest growing security dealers on the West Coast want to work with a business coach? According to Hallen, “I was skeptical at first about working with a coach, since we already were a successful company. However, the more I explored the premise behind working with a coach, the more the idea intrigued me. After all, only a mediocre person is always at his best. I was attracted by the idea of having someone who is just as committed as I am about reaching my goals.”

After working with Keith Rosen of Profit Builders, a business coaching and sales training organization based in Rockville, Md., the investment certainly paid off, according to the owner of Home Security. “The more successful people you surround yourself with and have on your team, the greater the acceleration of your own personal success,” contends Hallen.

Keith Rosen is part of a new and rapidly growing profession called business coaching. More frequently, companies are turning to a coach as the solution to getting the results they have not been able to get on their own. Many companies use a coach to increase sales, profitability, staff productivity, or to eliminate their challenges and problems.

Coaching Helps Clients Overcome Challenges

Hallen believed a business coach might provide added value to his organization, thus, he scheduled a couple of informal meetings and conference calls with Rosen over the telephone to get to know him. “By the end of two conversations, we were able to uncover the exact areas in my business that needed to be addressed, worked on and strengthened,” says Hallen.

During this meeting, Hallen listed what his goals were and mapped out a clearly defined action plan to reach those goals.

“Coaching contributed to my company by enhancing and refining systems that were already in place. It turned out to be a source for new insights and ideas that continually keep me on top of my game,” says Hallen.

Hallen contends he and his staff were able to get through some of the blocks that were inhibiting their performance. Each conversation seemed to peel away another barrier, enabling them to get to the core of each challenge, create a solution and act upon it.

“From here, we were able to build a strong foundation, moving forward along a clear path toward our goals, working as a team. Our sales are up and so is our own personal performance and level of satisfaction,” he says.

Home Security installs 150 systems to 200 systems per month. Is it because of having a coach? “We were already doing that volume before we began working with a coach,” states Hallen.

“However, if you are a company who is looking to get better results than you are currently experiencing, whether that means increasing your level of performance, satisfaction and profitability, [a business coach] can certainly show you how,” he says.

Why Might You Hire a Business Coach?

“People hire a coach because they want more and they want it easier. It’s as simple as that,” contends Rosen. It is the nature of people to want to attain more, and we all struggle with how to get what we’re looking for. Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, use a coach to fix, solve, create or plan something, personally and/or professionally.

As a leader, you are responsible for setting the direction and expressing what matters most. Providing the framework that clearly aligns the vision and direction of your company with the efforts of your staff will enable you to create the business environment you desire.

True leaders will do more coaching than managing for their staff by guiding them in a way that drives them internally to produce more. This occurs without management having to continually use their energy to push them into action.

Instead, coach your staff to uncover solutions to their own challenges, so they can become fully accountable for their success.

Find Out What Methods Will Inspire Your Staff

Today’s leaders share a philosophy distinct from traditional wisdom on how to motivate people. Some companies provide incentives and set goals. Others use threats and instill consequences if their staff doesn’t perform effectively.

Here are 10 questions to determine what is important to your staff to help them become internally driven and self motivated:

1. What do you want in your life that you do not currently have?

2. What is it you want to be doing that you aren’t currently doing?

3. What is it that you are doing that you don’t want to do?

4. What areas do you want to improve upon?

5. What is most important to you in your career (life)?

6. What is missing?

7. What do you enjoy doing most?

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

9. How do you plan on getting there?

10. How can I best manage you to achieve these goals?

Investing 30 minutes with someone, asking questions and listening for their responses as you uncover what they most want will enable the manager to coach their staff to uncover what drives them internally.

Keith Rosen, president of Profit Builders, conducts result-oriented sales and business coaching for both individuals and companies. If you desire any information about coaching or are looking to work with a coach, call (888) COACH-50 or visit the company’s web site at

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