Security Directors Call for Action: What Integrators Need to Know About Campus Security Needs

From tight budgets to the pandemic to supply and manpower shortages, in recent years those responsible for their organization’s security and safety have been put through a gauntlet of challenges. Managers from three customer markets deliver keen insights in the latest Security Speaking podcast.

Anyone who has stayed to watch the closing credits of a major motion picture has likely marveled at the extensive list of technical jobs involved in bringing it to fruition. Even the greatest film directors of all time have required an extensive substructure (including financial backing) to pull off their celluloid achievements.

It is no different for security directors across the broad range of commercial vertical markets. Realizing the level of security and safety desired throughout their respective organizations entails input, coordination and support from all levels internally and among key external contributors — including systems integrators.

For SSI‘s 2022 Security End-User Forum, Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine spoke with three managers from three customer markets. Widener University of Greater Philadelphia Executive Director of Campus Safety Anthony Pluretti, Virtua Health Assistant Vice President for Safety, Security and Emergency Management Paul Sarnese and Gilbert (Ariz.) Public Schools Security Director Allen Cain address a number of topics, including:

  • The top security challenges in their organization
  • The security solutions deployed on their campuses
  • What they look for in a technology provider and more

You can watch the full conversation in the latest edition of Security Speaking below, or listen or download it directly from SSI. You can also listen to it via your streaming platform of choice. A condensed version of the discussion can be read here.







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