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The 30 Top Technology Innovations of 2022

Boucherle Pick: PassiveBolt Web3 Access Platform

PassiveBolt, a spinoff of Continental Automotive, is a Tier 1 supplier to access control OEMs seeking to become the market’s answer to computing’s Intel (“Intel inside”). This offering is pioneering Web3 technologies for physical access control to enable the use of identity wallets for authorizing individual users to unlock secure spaces. A decentralized identity wallet eliminates the need to issue a credential by cryptographically authorizing a user’s digital identity.

How does this work? The user controls access to their own data using an identity wallet application, which allows them to manage cryptographic keys and present cryptographic attestations. These attestations are tamper-proof claims verified using digital signatures that provides the holder with rights or privileges such as access to a secure space. This means the user’s data is owned, controlled and managed by the individual, who is represented by their unique public identifier. This provides the added benefit of data security to the manufacturer and access control owner. In the future, look under the hood of your access control supplier!

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